Stormfall New Castle Skin

My Lords and Ladies, Marvelous news! Our craftsmen have just introduced a new Castle Skin sure to grant you incredible bonuses – the Smolderstone Keep! Apart from its unique appearance, the Smolderstone Keep Read More

New Building Levels

View Bonuses From The Building Window! Lords and Ladies of Darkshine! Our mages, alchemists and smiths have collaborated and developed new ways to improve your Castle’s structures! Now, several of your Buildings can Read More

Stormfall Lost Art Levels

Upgrade Your Lost Arts And Increase Your Power! My Lords and Ladies, Your Herald has returned from the far reaches of the realm with wondrous news! Many of the Lost Arts in your Read More

Stormfall League Help

Use Urgent Help To Blow Your Rivals Away! Lords and Ladies of Stormfall! We have launched a brand new feature that will allow you to harness the power of your League: League Help. Read More

Free Boosts

Increase Your Castle’s Power Faster! Lords and Ladies of Stormfall! The Elders of Stormfall are delighted to declare the release of a brand new feature that shall revolutionize the development of your Castle Read More

Stormfall Embassy

Your Embassy can now be upgraded to Level 20! With each upgrade, the amount of Alliances you may hold will increase. You can have up to 40 Allies with a fully upgraded Embassy! Read More

Stormfall Merchant

Get Your Hero The Equipment They Deserve! Lords and Ladies of Stormfall! The High Council of Stormfall is pleased to announce the arrival of Merchants – skilled Equipment traders that will improve the Read More

Stormfall Sage

Discover Or Upgrade Two Lost Arts At Once! Lords and Ladies! Our prayers to Weor, Eir, and Ran have been answered! The firstborn’s latest blessing comes in the form of a new item: Read More

Stormfall Trunks of Power

Celebrate Plarium’s Anniversary!  My Lords and Ladies, This June, Plarium is celebrating its 7-year Anniversary! To mark #SevenYearsStrong, Plarium is launching an incredible two-week Event! For the duration of the Event, you shall Read More