StormfallAge of War


What is required to play the game?

All you need to start playing Stormfall: Age of War® is an Internet browser equipped with the latest version of Flash.

Is it expensive?

Stormfall® is free to play! You don’t have to pay anything to create an account and start playing, but you can spend money to give yourself various advantages. You can buy Sapphires, which can be used in-game for a variety of benefits: You can boost your resource production by 25% for 3 days, boost the speed at which you build buildings, research Lost Arts, and produce troops, buy Castle defenses, expand your Castle, and produce superior Imperial Units.

You can earn Sapphires without spending money by completing various in-game tasks, but if you want a quick leg-up you can buy them at the Bank.

The art of war is complex… who shall aid me?

Fear not! As a new player you will receive the wisdom of the venerable Oberon, Lord Regent of Stormfall, in a series of tutorial missions. These missions will teach you what you need to succeed in Stormfall®, including resource production and management, what different buildings do and how to build them, and how to build and effectively deploy your army. Better still, doing these tutorial missions will earn you rewards of troops and Sapphires!

I seek yet more knowledge! Where can I find more help?

If you want more specific information and game tips, try the Stormfall wiki or our Stormfall Walkthrough guide. You can also join the Stormfall communities to look for potential allies and ask for advice. Finally, if you still need help and want to talk to a Plarium representative, try our Support page.