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Stormfall Player Tips

Tips by Becks Gómez

Resource Buildings (Farms, Mines, etc.), Barns, and Warehouses

When you start playing Stormfall: Age of War, one of the first things you learn is that, among many other things, you need basic Resources (Food, Iron, and Gold) to train Units and upgrade Buildings. The Resource Buildings (Townhouses, Mines, and Farms) are particularly important, and players should build the maximum number of these Buildings and upgrade them as quickly as possible. The more Resources you produce, the more Units you can train, and the stronger a player you will become. In addition to the Resource Buildings, it is essential to upgrade your Storage Buildings: Warehouses and Barns. You do not want to run out of space to store the Resources you produce! I recommend that you upgrade both types of Buildings simultaneously.

To speed up the process of upgrading your Buildings, you can use the Boosts that you receive from completing Quests, or acquire as part of Discount Offers. If you want to be able to work on several Buildings at one time, it would definitely be worth purchasing additional Artisans.

There are three other Buildings that will accelerate the production of the three basic Resources – the Spring of Life, the Forge, and the Dungeons. Also, do not forget to build and upgrade the Altar of Weor, as this too will help production and can be upgraded for free. Finally, once you have discovered all of the Lost Arts and the House of Unity is at the maximum Level, you will get yet another Bonus to the production of Resources.

How to use the Market

The Market is a place where you can trade Resources and Scrolls (items you need to discover Lost Arts.) It is advisable to build and upgrade this building early on, so that you can trade basic Resources (Food, Gold, and Iron) either when you have a surplus or if you are lacking in a particular Resource. The amount of Resources that are traded in each transaction varies depends on each player’s needs, but you will always have the opportunity to browse existing offers and to choose the amount and the type of Resource that best suits your needs.

At the market, you will also be able to trade Scrolls. However, you cannot negotiate additional quantities here – you can only give or get one Scroll at a time, no matter how many of them you have or what type they are. Both trading systems, for Scrolls and for Resources, will give you the option to filter the Offers available to you: use the dropdown menu to see all of the Offers, or to filter those from your League, Friends, Allies, or yourself.

How to get the maximum Caravan Capacity of 36K

To bring your Caravan Capacity to the highest level, you will need to upgrade the Market to Level 20, as well as to build and upgrade the Thieves’ Guild. To increase the speed of your Caravans, upgrade the Trader’s Inn. You can also increase the Capacity of your Caravans by applying Soulstones from the Black Market. Once you have taken all of these steps, the Capacity of your Caravans will be at 32k. To get to the 36k mark, you will need to reach Level 10 Paragon Status: upon activation of this status, the Capacity of your Caravans will increase by 4k.

May the gods bless you in your noble endeavors, my Lords and Ladies!

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