StormfallAge of War

Welcome to the lands of Stormfall

Stormfall, the once great and proud empire, has crumbled to dust. Without a ruler to guide them, the noble houses squabble among themselves, blind to the evil spreading across their lands. Only a true leader can unite them all and face the coming darkness. You will be that leader in Stormfall: Age of War™, a dark fantasy MMO strategy game by Plarium.

Travel to Darkshine, a distant land forgotten by time, and step into the sabatons of a noble Lord. Take charge of your very own Castle, and raise it from a provincial hamlet to a massive fortress.
With the help of the brave Lord Oberon, you will muster your troops and set forth to cleanse the land of evil. But the evil cannot be vanquished by power alone.

You must discover the Lost Arts of warfare, diplomacy and trade if you want to rule over all of Darkshine in Stormfall: Age of War™.


Master The Art Of War

To secure a place amongst the legends of Darkshine, Lords must take care of their Castle, expand it and raise is to greatness. You will need to build strong defenses, amass a powerful army and manage your Resource production if you wish to hear bards sing of your glory. With the guiding hand of Lord Oberon and the War Council of Stormfall, you will withstand any attack and conquer all who oppose you.

Throughout Stormfall epic campaign of conquest and warfare, you will encounter many dangers and conflicts. Balur and his Marennon masters will try and foil you at every turn. Keep your soldiers’ blades sharp and your Castle well-defended, and crush Balur’s forces in intense PVE battles. The further along you advance in the campaign, the greater the challenge and the bigger the rewards shall be.

Once you are tested in the fires of battle, you will be ready to face other Lords and Ladies in strategic PVP combat. Join them on the battlegrounds and fight to control more and more territory. Raid their Castles for Resources, or lay sieges to weaken them and bleed their Castles dry. Master PVP strategies, and you’ll soon be the most influential Lord in Darkshine.

Form Leagues With Other Powerful Players

Not every Lord or Lady in Stormfall: Age of War™ is your enemy. Diplomacy, trade treaties and peace talks can be powerful tools in the hands of a crafty leader. Form a strong League with Lords and Ladies from all across Darkshine, and coordinate devastating attacks against rival Leagues and capture their Beacons and lands.

Together, Leagues will shape the history of Darkshine. With a legendary Castle and an unstoppable army, you will lead your League to many victories and eventually take your rightful place as the new emperor of Stormfall.

Write your legend of war, strategy and diplomacy in Stormfall: Age of War™ today.