StormfallAge of War

New Battleground Conquest Requirements!

Earn 100 Tournament Points And Get Rewarded!

My Lords and Ladies,
The Soothsayers have made a startling pronouncement! Balur is rejoicing that some Lords and Ladies are not actively participating in League Tournaments – preferring to hide behind their League Members so that their warriors may be spared. This is behavior unbecoming of a Lord or Lady, and casts a shadow over all our accomplishments.

Henceforth, any Lord or Lady wishing to share in their League’s success and receive Rewards must personally earn at least 100 Tournament Points during League Tournaments. A lack of effort shall no longer be rewarded!
Gain 100 Tournament Points and share in your League’s Rewards, my Lord. The experience of actively participating shall be reward in itself!
Alexander Novak
First Order Knight of the Plarium Community Team