StormfallAge of War

Discover Dragon Arts

Discover Dragon Arts, fight Monsters, and earn Dragon Points to enjoy the Bonuses!

From now on, each Lord or Lady shall have the opportunity to keep a mighty, fire-breathing Dragon at their Castle!

Your new Dragon can be found at the Dragon Stone. After you have constructed this Building, you will be able to interact with your Dragon and take advantage of the Bonuses it will bring.

In order to benefit from Dragon Bonuses, you must discover Dragon Arts in the Dragon Arts tab at the Dragon Stone. To discover or upgrade Dragon Arts, you will need to accumulate Dragon Points, which can be obtained by fighting Monsters in the Battle tab.

Stormfall Age of War MMORPG Game

In the Dragon tab, you can create a selection of Dragon Arts that you wish to gain Bonuses from, then Activate this selection. However, Bonuses will only be effective as long as the activation period lasts.

There are two types of Dragon Arts: Conventional Dragon Arts, which can be activated at any time after they are discovered, and Arcane Dragon Arts. Arcane Dragon Arts will require Dragon Marks (Inferno Dragon Marks, Whirlwind Dragon Marks, Tempest Dragon Marks) to activate, which are earned through participation in Tournaments and other game events. In the Info tab, you can see how many Dragon Points and Dragon Marks of each type you currently possess.

Waste no time – enjoy the advantages of your Dragon’s magic today!