StormfallAge of War

New Item – Merchant!

Get Your Hero The Equipment They Deserve!

Lords and Ladies of Stormfall!

The High Council of Stormfall is pleased to announce the arrival of Merchants – skilled Equipment traders that will improve the selling process immeasurably! Selling Equipment for Moon Coins has long been one of the most arduous tasks in Stormfall – but not anymore!

Purchasing and activating a Merchant will give your Castle extra prowess, allowing you to sell two Hero Equipment Items at once!

This new Item is only available as part of Special Offer packages and cannot be obtained on its own from the Black Market. Make sure to check your Special Offers regularly!

If a Special Offer containing the new Item is currently active, there will be a special icon whenever you view the Hero interface. Clicking on this will take you to the Bank, directly to the Special Offer in which the Merchant can be found. From there, simply make your purchase to take advantage of all the benefits your new Merchant will yield!

After you have purchased your Merchant, you will need to activate it. To do this, go to Black Market > Misc. > Special, and click on the “Apply” button next to the Item. Alternatively, you can activate the Merchant directly from the Hero window. Your new Merchant will benefit your Castle for 7 days after it is activated.

Although it is not possible to extend the duration of a Merchant, any Equipment being sold at the time of this Item’s expiration will continue until finished. For example, if your Merchant has 1 hour remaining, and you attempt to sell an Item with a Selling Time of 2 hours, the Merchant will still finish the job.

Your Hero is the key to the fight against Balur! Use Merchants to take the fight to his minions!

Lord Oberon
Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall