StormfallAge of War

Receive Paragon Points in Game Events!

Increase your Paragon Level and Achieve Victory!

My Lords and Ladies!

Your Castle and warriors are becoming more powerful every day, but it is not enough – you must take advantage of Paragon Points if you wish to achieve victory in the war against Balur!

All noble Lords and Ladies know that once they collect enough Paragon Points, they may activate Paragon Status and take advantage of powerful bonuses!

Before, players could only receive Paragon Points from logging in each day but, by royal decree, that is now changing. From this day forth, all Lords and Ladies can earn Paragon Points from many different game events! You can now earn Paragon Points by completing: – Global Missions – Capturing Settlements – Battles against Balur’s Forces- Saga Quests, etc.


The number of Paragon Points required to advance through Paragon Levels has been altered! To reach Level 10, Lords and Ladies previously needed 6,400 Paragon Points, but as of today that number has changed to 10,000.

Remember: As your total number of Paragon Points increases, so too will your Paragon Level and the power of those accompanying bonuses when your Paragon Status is activated.

The higher your Paragon Level, the greater your rewards! Play your part in the fight for Darkshine and participate in battles all across its lands to earn Paragon Points and achieve honor!

Lord Oberon, Heir of Veyon,  Scion of the Firstborn,  Lord Regent of Stormfall