StormfallAge of War

Gain An Advantage In Warfare And Spying!

My Lords and Ladies,

The Elders of the Realm have released three new Items to make your quest to rule Stormfall easier than ever before!


Weor’s Protection. This Item protects you from any Offensive Action launched against you. Your enemies shall be unable to Raid, invoke Sorcery Spells, Besiege, or dispatch Spies against you so long as this Item is active. Activating Weor’s Protection allows you to take a deep breath and manage your Castle without worrying about being attacked.

Spy Protection. This Item protects you from being Spied upon. Your enemies won’t be able to dispatch Spies against you while this Item is active. Use Spy Protection to keep your secrets safely hidden within your Castle walls.

You can get these Items at the Black Market (Go to the “Special” section of the “Misc” tab).

Keep a watchful eye on the news, my Lord. New alchemical advances are constantly being made, so more innovations are sure to be available soon!

Lord Oberon
Heir of Veyon, Scion of the Firstborn, Lord Regent of Stormfall