StormfallAge of War


Quick Guide to Stormfall: Age of War

This quick-start guide to Stormfall: Age of War discusses the game’s features with guides on Unit Strategies, Raiding and more. Follow the Oberon task chain. Stormfall is packed with gaming options, and you’re bound to lose your way if you go it alone. Watch the logs, complete the tasks and get rewarded.

resourcesResources and Currencies

Stormfall: Age of War features 3 unique resources – Food, Gold and Iron. These are needed for producing units, discovering Lost Arts and for buildings. Expand the number of fields and you will increase your resource output. Click here for more information about resources !

How do You Produce More?

Your iron ore and gold is limited by the capacity of your warehouses. You need resources for upgrading forges and dungeons, mines and townhouses. Upgrading your warehouses for storage purposes is the way to go. Barn sizes determine Food Storage, and food is used for your Units. You can always use the market to exchange resources that you’re running low on.


Sapphires are known as hard currency. They can boost your resource production by 25% for 3 days. Plus they increase your rate of building construction and speed up Unit production too. You can produce Imperial Units; buy Fortifications, exclusive Units and Improvements. Finally, Sapphires allow you to expand your Castle too. For Sapphires tips click here!

Lost Arts

Build the House of Scrolls to discover the Lost Arts. With every upgrade, you will discover additional Lost Arts. Use your Resources to do this. The cost of Lost Arts increases with their level of advancement. Scrolls are used to unlock Lost Arts. Trade with other players for your desired Scrolls, to access Units and new Buildings.



There are multiple Units including Bestiary Units, Occult Units, Infantry Units and Cavalry Units. These are used to protect your Castle or lay claim to other Castles. You can also utilize Units for lending support to your Allies.

It is important to protect your units! Read more about it here!



Stormfall: Age of War has many types of buildings. These are all connected to your Castle’s life. Categories include Black Market, Military, Resource, Command, Improvements and Fortifications. Constructions are needed for exchange, war and trade between Allies. To get started, click on Constructions from your Castle. Select your tab and building type. Read the requirements and click on Build to get started.

Counselors Counselors

Counselors can be found in the center of the top toolbar. The toolbar which houses the Counselors allows you to track any changes in your Castle. It also allows for interaction with all of the Lords of Stormfall.
Lords Include the Following:
• Grand Marshal – updates on Battle Reports and Military Activity
• Lord Steward – updates on Commercial Activity
• Herald – updates on the Status of Alliances
• Scribe – updates on your Lost Arts status


Raiding is what happens once you have your buildings up and you’ve read through Oberon’s tutorials. You will need to perform careful time management with your Units in Raiding scenarios. The raiding you undertake is done for the purposes of XP points and leveling. Players are unable to raid your city if your level is lower than theirs. It is advisable to raid computer battlegrounds first. Once you understand the game mechanics, you can utilize all the available features. Raiding is one of the game features that is fairly complex to master. It is a good idea to go through strategy guides to get started.