StormfallAge of War

Protect Your Units

11401759_941492575901920_5949007516075524285_o-1024x535Protect Your Units

Your units should be protected at all times. A great place to hide your units when you’re not using them is a bunker. On your way to building a formidable army, the protection and preservation of your resources is paramount. By hiding your resources and then launching surprise attacks against your enemies, they will never know what hit them when they decide to attack you.

A great tactic is to place spies or reconnaissance troops at strategic vantage points in the game. Those would be the first units to take a hit in the event of an attack, but you would be protecting your other resources which are more valuable. It’s a small price to pay while you’re building up a strong army. Plus, those recon units are great Intel gathering resources.

Weak players typically fail in basic scouting missions, but strong players can easily overrun your defences to achieve their mission objectives. Once you have acquired intelligence on your enemy, what are you going to do with it? Your battle reports provide pretty much everything you need to know about the enemy including their attack strategy, the types of units they have and how many units they have.

There are those types of players that plough all of their resources into building strong defensive capabilities. There is a belief that a strong defence is a deterrent against attacks. This is not necessarily true, because a strong military needs to flex its muscles from time to time as well. This is to say that the majority of a MMOs are geared towards attack strategies. Attack encourages interaction, delegation of work, orders and actions and builds player morale. Attack is the essence of Stormfall game

Given the above information, the best advice is to construct a ready, willing and capable attack strategy. This type of military must be able to acquire abundant resources for you, and rapidly escalate your progression through the game. However, if you dangle too many troops out there in the open, your enemies will get the impression that you’re spoiling for a fight. Hardcore players may just bring that fight to you.

As a new player, it makes sense to quietly build up your attack capabilities without drawing too much attention to yourself. You don’t want other people to know precise details of your military readiness!